Pretty Now Attack on Titan Kyojin Recon Corps PU Leather Wallet Purse

Material: PU leather
Length:about 11×9.7cm


A long history, and the world seemed a mysterious monster 15 meters in length, “giant” human predation, Because of predation by humans was once once a massive crash. Individuals who survived the construction of three huge protective wall to Giants prevent intrusion, on this isolated environment to enjoy a hundred years of peace. Alternatively, as “peace” The price of lost humanity to head out of doors the walls of this “freedom”, as the beast in captivity most often stable life A. Hero Alan Jaeger have not seen the out of doors world have interest, but in addition At the human lack of “Freedom” have yearning, unlike fear and blindly consider the giant wall to offer protection to its own security and are willing to live within the wall Most humans inside, he considered the wall of the world to the idea of adventure is considered heresy. People comfortable 100 years At the occasion, which is ten years old Alan Yeager, seemed a unprecedented “super giant”, overwhelming Destruction of the giant wall of power, followed in an instant disappear, giant crowds of people rushed into the wall prey on humans. Alan Yeager See people, partners, mothers have been killed by the Giants, Giants With nothing to explain the hatred, vows to kill the entire Department of giant, mother death, his father disappeared, his father would possibly hold a massive mystery, because his father get Alan Yeager A “giant, whereas” within the army in the similar period Trainee with others can’t match the powerful spiritual force, although seen to Prison remains to be the giant challenge, after which sign up for the yearning for a long investigation Corps, Allen’s life is at this moment, begin Had undergone enormous changes …
Material: PU leather
Length:about 11×9.7cm
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