Omron MC521-E Gentle Temp 521 Baby Ear Thermometer 1 Sec Reading 25 Memory 3in1


OMRON’s new ear thermometer is a superfast, digital thermometer with a spread of subtle features together with a screen that lighting fixtures up. Because of this it may be seen obviously at the hours of darkness, making it especially at hand for mothers taking care of small children. 3 in 1 Temperature measurement The Mild Temp 521 measures ear temperature, but may also be used to take surface temperatures, from a milk bottle or food dispenser for instance, in addition to giving readings for the room temperature. In the end, why use three thermometers when you can do the whole thing? • In ear temperature • Surface temperature • Room temperature Track Temperature changes through the years With a memory in a position to recording as much as 25 readings, it is conceivable to trace temperature changes over a time period and monitor trends. Temperatures can also be displayed at the huge LCD display in either degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit Features: •3 in 1 measurement – ear, surface, and room •1 Second measurement time •Backlight serve as •Readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit •Shops 25 readings Box Includes: 1x Thermometer 1 x Probe Cap 21x Probe Covers 1x Connecting Ring 1xTest Battery (CR2032) 1x Instruction Manual

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