DT-8820 4-in-1 Industrial Thermometer Light Humidity Sound Meter NEW


Product Description That is a brand spanking new CEM DT-8820 certified industrial digital multi-serve as setting meter. This 4-in-1 meter replaces 4 traditional meters to make your work so much more practical and efficient. Put out of your mind concerning the old analog devices. This newly designed digital Mild weight device will provide you with long lasting power with accurate measurement. The build-in Sound level, Mild, Humidity, and Temperature measuring purposes replace meters with over $500 combined price. A FREE heavy duty sporting bag could also be included for bringing your device to the fields conveniently. Resellers welcome. Contact me at [email protected] for amount bargain. Options Condition: Modern in retail box. Show: 0 – 1999 count. 4 in 1 for Mild meter, Sound Level meter, Relative Humidity meter, Temperature meter. 3 1/2 digit massive LCD Show with units of Lux, oC, oF, %RH and C & dB, A & dB indication. Auto power off. Information hold and Most hold. Accessories: 9V battery, temperature probe. Certified Specification Mild measuring levers starting from 0.01 Lux to 20,000 Lux with + five% accuracy. Temperature measuring levers starting from -20 oC ~ 750 oC / -4 oF ~ 1400 oF with accuracy of + 3.five% + 2oC/F Humidity measurement from 35p.cRH to 95p.cRH with 0.1p.cRH answer and rapid time response. Accuracy: + five% Sound level measurement from 35dB to 100dB or 65 dB to 130 dB for A, C Frequency weighting checking with 0.1 dB answer. Accuracy: + 3.5 dB Dimensions/Wt.: 251.0 X 63.8 X 40mm/250g Footage Click symbol to magnify.

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