Is your baby’s pacifier repeatedly falling at the floor and getting dirty?
Pacifiers fall at the floor extremely ceaselessly, and our paci clips provide a solution that is of the very best quality, effective, easy to make use of and reasonably priced. Our clips can also be attached to a baby carrier, a pushchair, stroller or pram, a bib, their clothes, or even their favorite cuddly toys!

Are you taking a look to present this as a gift?
Our item is available in a custom designed, eco friendly gift box. This makes it perfect both for baby showers or as a gift after the birth.

Are you in poor health of paying extortionate prices only to find the quality severely lacking?
Not only is our pack a set of 4 relatively than 3, but could also be undoubtedly, of the most efficient quality on Amazon. We custom designed our binky holders to have them made with top of the range, 100% polyester, grosgrain ribbon and top notch stitching, meaning maximum strength and color richness.

Are you getting frustrated with your current pacifier clips?
Firstly, our clips are made of BPA free plastic meaning they go within the washing machine, don’t damage clothes, are easier to take off by the parent and prevent your baby from putting metal of their mouth. Secondly, the loop is made of an elastic material meaning that it attaches to all pacifiers or even to teething toys, in addition to being so much easier to tie across the pacifier/binkie!

Are you in poor health of your baby taking a look mismatched because of the pacifier clip not matching his/her outfit?
Our clips have a double-sided design, with every leash having a polka pattern on one side and a different beautiful design at the other side. Additionally, the color of the plastic clips and the loop match the ribbon!

What else is there to take into consideration? Our pacifier clips are clearly head and shoulders above the competition. And in case you disagree, you’ll be able to return the item without a questions asked for a full refund!


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